Phase 1 Writers Bundle

When you purchase this bundle you will receive:

  • AuthorUNLEASHED: Crushing Your Fear (Free course)
    • After working with hundreds of writers, and writing 5 best-sellers myself, I have discovered that there are 5 key fears that keep us from becoming published authors.

      Together, we're going to explore these fears and what you can do right now to move past them. Don't let these fears stand in your way as you share the story that only YOU can tell!

  • AuthorUNLEASHED: Going Pro (Free course)
    • This program will help you navigate the complex world of taking your work from hobby level to professional--from being a writer who dabbles into Going PRO--and becoming published successfully.

      In this free program, we present you with critical permission to tap into your own passion and message, vital tips into the world of publishing, and powerful insights into using your own story to mesmerize audiences and readers, leaving them inspired and empowered. At the same time, you become vitally memorable. 

  • WriteJUICY: The Masterbrain Course to Outline Your Book (Regularly $397)
    • WriteJUICY is the framework for using your Left-brain, Right-brain, and Master-brain to shorten your learning curve for outlining your very best book! It is the difference between a "tell me" story and a "show me" story.

      The program is divided into 6 video segments filled with clear instruction and multiple examples. Included are pdf workbooks and templates for you to use. 

  • The Hero's Journey: The Inspired Guide to Writing Epic Nonfiction (Regularly $87)
    • This curriculum powerfully and positively shows you the 12 stages to outlining your triumphant story. While this pattern is most used in fiction, as seen in the greatest Hollywood movie productions, Bridget created a framework for her nonfiction authors to see their story threads and guide them to a successful conclusion!

      In The Hero's Journey, you'll learn the following:

      • Discover the 12 stages you MUST include in every powerful book.
      • Learn how to identify the most crucial events in your story and why you absolutely need to include them. Even the painful ones.
      • Why conflict is the seed to a story so good your reader can't put it down.
      • How to keep conflict and negative experiences from overwhelming the journey and thus your story.
      • Identify what content to keep...and more importantly, what to cut!
  • Inspired Writer @home: Bridget's signature Inspired Writer's Retreat curated for a weekend, @home retreat experience (Regularly $997)
    • We recorded one of my live retreats so you can get the JUICIEST and most important parts of the sessions and be able to digest them from home, your own cabin in the woods, or at the beach, AND work at your own pace.

      We are also giving you access to our full-color manual for you to reference and print and utilize effectively. We will be doing left brain and right brain work with you this entire retreat, so be prepared!

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