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This Digital Library is your virtual "cozy corner table" where you can put on your writer's hat and get to work! Scroll down to see FREE resources and for-purchase digital courses that teach you how to structure, outline, and write your book.

I'm your host, Bridget Cook-Burch, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Writing Mentor, Transformational Speaker, and Passionate Humanitarian

I help writers, speakers, and leaders leverage their past—no matter what they have lived through and discovered—to create their most incredible destiny. 

Available Courses

AuthorUNLEASHED: Crushing Your Fear

Free Resource For Beginning Writers & Authors

AuthorUNLEASHED: Going Pro

Free Resource for Advanced Writers & Authors

WriteJUICY! The Masterbrain Course to Outline Your Book

A powerful tool to get a JUICY start on your book! Valuable for all genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, Memoirs, Auto-biographies and Biographies.

The Hero's Journey

The Inspired Guide to Writing Epic Nonfiction

The unique writing framework to identify and outline your most epic nonfiction story.

Inspired Writer @home

Bridget's signature Inspired Writer's Retreat curated for a weekend, @home retreat experience.

Inspired Writer's Retreat - Live and In-Person!

Bridget's signature Live Retreat! Click to see upcoming dates.

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