WriteJUICY! The Masterbrain Course to Clarify Your Book's Timeline

WriteJUICY! The Masterbrain Course to Clarify Your Book's Timeline

What is the difference between a story you can't bear to put down and a book that you can't bear to pick up again?

As a writer and an author, you WANT your reader to be so invested in your story that they will stay up until 3 am, ignore their phone notifications, and forget meal times or appointments.

But how many times have you started a book that came highly recommended, only to nod off in boredom?

The secret to avoiding a similar fate is in how you leverage the power of your writing and the magic of words.

Let's create a captivating and transformational read that brings your reader through hell and high water to the pinnacle of achievement and triumph!

The WriteJUICY program is a beautiful tool for all types of genres. It will enable you to use both sides of your brain in order to avoid taking your readers through destructive time warps that make them put your book down.

Instead, you have a beautifully flowing, well-constructed story that finally brings sense to your tangents (or helps you realize when to remove them) and fills in the story holes. 

WriteJUICY is the framework for using your Left-brain, Right-brain, and Master-brain to shorten your learning curve for outlining your very best book! It is the difference between a "tell me" story and a "show me" story.

The program is divided into 6 video segments filled with clear instruction and multiple examples. Included are pdf workbooks and templates for you to use. 

This is especially useful for Memoirs, Auto-biographies and Biographies, but also to determine important stories in your How-To books, motivational, and self-help books. Believe it or not, we also highly recommend it for fiction books! 

If your writing could use more energy and emotion then it's time to add a little JUICY to your style!

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