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I've heard from many Inspired Writers that they would LOVE to attend a live retreat but aren't quite certain how to make it happen. 

For those with travel, health, or mobility restrictions, or time or money limitations, attending has seemed out of reach.

This is when I knew I had to help.

You are, in fact, living your inspired story, and whatever the circumstances may be, I believe you deserve to make your writing dreams a part of it! 

Inspired Writer @home combines the brilliance and expertise of a live retreat with the comfort and flexibility of your own home.

It allows you to get started NOW! 

We help you overcome hurdles and be empowered with knowledge in your own book and in the industry to make your way as a more seasoned professional and being able to ask yourself and others the right questions.

We recorded one of my live retreats so you can get the JUICIEST and most important parts of the sessions and be able to digest them from home, your own cabin in the woods, or at the beach, AND work at your own pace.

We are also giving you access to our full-color manual for you to reference and print and utilize effectively. We will be doing left brain and right brain work with you this entire retreat, so be prepared!

Feeling ready to transform your own cozy corner of the world into a writer's paradise?

Let's get started!

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