7 Secrets to Your Soul Story

Did you know that most books only sell 100-250 copies?

That's it.

Do you believe that your story is so powerful that as many people as possible need to read it so they can change their lives too?

There are certain writing and publishing principles that
Bestselling authors know that would-be authors don't know,
or just don't understand.

Well, let's fix that, shall we?

In this hour long training I share some of the biggest secrets that professional writers already know and leverage to hit the bestseller list.

7 Secrets to your Soul Story answers:

  1. How should I treat my book?
  2. When should I build my platform?
  3. What should I write & how should I write it?
  4. Who precisely am I writing to?
  5. Do I care what is happening in the publishing world?
  6. How can I write something so juicy, readers can't put my book down?
  7. How do I create more than readers? How do I create followers?

Once you understand these principles, you can focus your energy in the RIGHT areas for your bestselling journey. You may have a few of these principles mastered already and can now confidently move forward on the areas where there's room for growth.

Wherever you are, you can shorten your path to publishing success. Your story deserves that. These 7 Secrets will help you get there!

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